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Energy Rich No Mess

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Our Energy Rich No Mess bird food mix is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to attract a wide variety of wild birds to their gardens. Our mix is available in a variety of sizes that are perfect for use in bird feeders, bird tables or for ground feeding.

This bird seed mix is packed with high-quality ingredients, including a high proportion of energy-rich sunflower hearts, making it an all-year-round seed mix for your garden birds. Containing 440 calories per 100 grams, our bird food is an excellent source of energy for the birds, helping them to stay healthy and energised.

Our seed mix contains sunflower hearts, yellow millet, kibbled maize, pinhead oatmeal, and red dari, providing a varied and nutritious diet and is no mess!

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  1. Audrey Simpson

    We’ve been feeding this seed mix since the start of this year to all the birds that visit our garden, using it in a hanging feeder for the smaller birds (& on a bird table) as well as on the ground for the increasing number of pigeons which come …
    All seem happy with it, so we’ll continue to buy this product.
    Some of the seeds that haven’t been eaten & have found their way into the ground do germinate, but easy enough to weed out.

    • steph

      Thank you for your review, we’re glad you (and your birds) are enjoying this seed mix. As with all mixes, some seeds occasionally don’t get eaten and run the risk of germinating – just goes to show the seeds are of the freshest quality for your garden birds 🙂

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